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15 — 21 października 2018

Wedding Video Tuscany - S♡M

Videographers: Emanuele Mura & Antony Guerri
Photography: Ilario Fabbian, Thomas Harris
The wedding is a significant milestone in anybody’s life. It does not matter when it happens-early or later in life. What is important is the joy, memories, and experience it brings. And this holds true for Sara and Marco who had their wedding in Tuscany at Florence, Italy with the wedding film Italy and videographer Italy around to shoot the event.
Marco had always looked forward to the day he would lead Sara down the aisle for a wedding in Tuscany to take an oath of eternal love. Sara also kept waiting for the moment she would say “I do” to Marco in front of their two young guys and family and friends who also had been looking forward to that day in the presence of wedding film Italy.
Prior to the morning of the great day, Marco hardly slept due to the joy of witnessing that memorable day and Sara also woke early to welcome the most joyous day she had always dreamed about. With the best wedding film Italy and videographer in attendance, no detail of the grand occasion will be lost.
Gorgeously dressed in a beautiful black suit with a hat in hand, Marco stood in the middle of the room waiting for the love of his life to become his officially. The best videographer Italy in attendance ensured to capture every bit of the proceeding with the utmost professionalism.
Looking exquisitely beautiful in a white gorgeous wedding gown, Sara, lost in thoughts, recalled how long she had waited for that wonderful day. The memories kept buzzing; she had to take a deep breath to live in the moment and see her dream come true in the presence of their two guys.
Leading their two boys along, Marco held them by hands and smile of content crossed his lips. Marco and Sara hugged so long, and lots of memories flashed through their minds as they held each other. After that, they walked down the aisle in the company of wedding film Italy and videographer Italy.
A gentle, soft pianissimo organ played as the duo exchanged the marital vows, hugged, and kissed each other before the gathering of family, friends, and relatives, and joyful tears ran down the eyes of friends and family members who had patiently waited for that day. It was so emotional that Marco’s friends could not resist throwing him up to command his confidence to stay true to his determination, his love for Sara.
The wedding videography by a pro videographer Italy followed. The reception was electrifying, and everybody danced to the melodious music booming out of the speakers. The couple danced to their heart’s content, not leaving out their two great boys. It was indeed a dream come true for Sara and Marco. We wish them happy days together forever!
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