Annual professional award
Wedding specializations

Best Sound Producer

11 participants
Description: specialist in the field
of recording and sound-design,
which videos contains better
and more interesting soundtracks.
Evaluated: cutting of video episodes
from real weddings.
Duration: maximum 2 minutes.


Lenny Pellico
Lenny Pellico
Bologna, Italy
The Best Walk 2017. Wedding photographer, videomaker and sometimes a musician from Italy.
Riccardo Fasoli
Riccardo Fasoli
Düsseldorf, Germany
The Best Videographer 2018. "I love storytelling... The most of the time I capture and edit weddings, but I love also to create imagefilm that has a message, I like to tell stories, I like to describe emotions with motions".
Fabio Stanzione
Fabio Stanzione
Bari, Italy
I am a destination wedding professional, creative freelance with a narrative style linked to reportage. I like telling stories as they happen, without filters.
Daniele Donati
Daniele Donati
Ancona, Italy
I like to capture moments and details of people who are married, their environment, their families, friends.
Alexander Schneider
Alexander Schneider
Moscow, Russia
The Best Videographer of Russia 2017, modern videographer, founder of the FONVI Studio, shooting weddings around the world.
Daniel Carvajal
Daniel Carvajal
Cuernavaca, Mexico
Based in Mexico, Danny Carvajal provides creative wedding videography services around the world. I would be honored to be a part of your wedding day.
Artur Prihodkin
Artur Prihodkin
Krasnodar, Russia
Founder of the largest video studio in Krasnodar. Sincere emotions in a touching or dynamic wedding film, whether it is a family evening or a luxurious wedding with superstars.
Alex Douglas
Alex Douglas
Houston, TX, United States
I’ve had a life-long love affair with film... In 2012, I partnered up with my wife and starting Sculpting With Time.


WEVA ItAward 2018 - Best Sound Producer - Unconventional Love
Videographer Adriana Russo (Turin, Italy)
WEVA ItAward 2018 - Best Sound Producer - Marianna & Alex | Como Lake, Italy
Videographer Angelo la Torre (San Severo, Italy)
WEVA ItAward 2018 - Best Sound Producer - Once upon a Dream
Videographer Modestino Iavarone (Naples, Italy)
WEVA ItAward 2018 - Best Sound Producer - Francesca e Davide
Videographer Max Billia (Genoa, Italy)
WEVA ItAward 2018 - Best Sound Producer - "The arrival birds"
Videographer Francesco Fortino (Rome, Italy)
WEVA ItAward 2018 - Best Sound Producer - Quando fuori piove
Videographer Antonio Leotta (Reggio di Calabria, Italy)
WEVA ItAward 2018 - Best Sound Producer - SHOUT
Videographer Michele Telari (Senigallia, Italy)
WEVA ItAward 2018 - Best Sound Producer - Pecore VS Volatili
Videographer Damiano Scarano (Milan, Italy)