We have 1.000 in the EEVA!

We have a little more than 1000 on this site.
1. We have accumulated a critical mass and now it will change the quality side. We want to leave the site exactly 1,000 videographers and video studios, the best of the best. Videographer who joined the site, posted a 3-4 video and forgot about the site will be removed in the near future without any regret. Since September 2014 ordinary membership will be available for a limited time - 3 months from the date of registration. If during this time Videographer not posted any more videos or not scored rating, such registration shall be void and deleted.
2. We still did a forum where authors can write. While the feature is available only proven and reliable - PRO account holders. This will enable them to publish any information - self-promotion, reports about events, news or just post some interesting facts. No moderation. To post a new message - should go to the Forum, click on the button "Add a message to the forum" and write a message. Any message must have a header and a specific language to be shown only to our members who read this language. Language is selected by the selector right in the message. To any message can contain any number of photos or videos. Photos uploaded via the standard download, but only after saving the message text and caption. Video added vimeo.com insert link or youtube directly in the text during the writing of the text. Forward to interesting and useful posts on the new forum.
3. Changed the rules of the Battle of the day. From August 1 to participate in the Battle can only holders PRO-account. All ordinary members who posted their video for the battle will be opponents. Each battle will take part PRO-accounts holders and ordinary authors. As always, all viewers can vote, not just registered on the site.
4. Holder PRO receive the following bonuses:
- That the plastic ID card videographer,
- Discounts and special offers from partner companies, online retailers, manufacturers and dealers, a full list of which will be visible to all PRO in a special section PARTNER DISCOUNTS.
- 100 euros discount VIP-ticket annual Forum photographers and videographers in Russia and discounts on local activities for videographers,
- Can upload videos once every 24 hours (ordinary members - once in 48 hours)
- Can take part in the annual competition of the wedding video, the winners of which receive PRO account free for the next year and the year of their avatars are on the first page of the site in a prestigious block winners.
- Can publish any information on the forum, including advertising.
- Are in search of higher rank and file of the authors and are colored background.
Thanx for your understanding.
Videographer Dmitry Sedov
Moscow, Russia


    • Videographer Estudio Marhea
      Hard changes , no doubt. Do not just call, but also maintained. That is the great difficulty.
      I hope to hear to stay on the line and continue to learn from you all.
      Regards to all.
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      • Videographer Dmitry Sedov
        Do not worry - if you make high-quality video an do active on the site. We will remove only those who do nothing on the site - no comments, do not write on the forum, does not participate in the battles, and so.
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        • Videographer Estudio Marhea
          Ok. Changes needed then. Thanks for your reply!!
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