Annual professional award


Wedding genres

Best Engagement

99 participants
Description: video with any episode contains the love story or wedding preparation except the wedding itself.
Evaluated: cutting of video episodes
from one love story.
Duration: maximum 5 minutes.


Riccardo Fasoli
Riccardo Fasoli
Düsseldorf, Deutschland
The Best Videographer 2018. "I love storytelling... The most of the time I capture and edit weddings, but I love also to create imagefilm that has a message, I like to tell stories, I like to describe emotions with motions".
Lenny Pellico
Lenny Pellico
Bologna, Italien
The Best Walk 2017, 2nd place Best Videoeditor, wedding photographer and sometimes a musician from Italy.
Dmitry Sedov
Dmitry Sedov
Moskau, Russland
Founder of the WEVA, videographer, designer, coach
Luz Casal
Luz Casal
Málaga, Spanien
The organizer of the annual event for videographers VideoSummit, an experienced professional, videographer, producer.
Lukasz Kujawski
Lukasz Kujawski
Warschau, Polen
We are ready for your requirements, inquiries, individual ideas to create a beautiful picture that will in the future provide many lucky returns on That Day. Respectfully and sincerely devoted, the Wedding Studios team
Priscilla Torres & Diego Alcalde
Priscilla Torres & Diego Alcalde
Miami, USA
Al Agua Cinema is a team of documentary filmmakers dedicated to make a complex and meaningful piece out of the wedding video, with careful attention to details and the story behind every couple.


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WEVA Award 2018 - Best Engagement - A romantic wedding proposal
Videographer Knot Productions (Griechenland, Griechenland)
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