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Nejlepší color grader

5 participants
Description: specialist in the field
of work with colors, whose videos
contain individual style, creative
solutions and exceptional
color solution.
Evaluated: cutting of video episodes
from real weddings.
Duration: maximum 2 minutes.


Artem Korchagin
Hlavní soudci
Artem Korchagin
Nižnij Novgorod, Rusko
Repeatedly awarded, winner of competitions, traveler and videographer
Maru Films
Hlavní soudci
Maru Films
Amsterdam, Nizozemsko
The Best Videographer 2016 / Destination wedding videographers based in Amsterdam.
Gione da Silva
Hlavní soudci
Gione da Silva
Ipswich, Velká Británie
Wedding videographer in Essex and Sussex, UK. All his films are about people and their stories. It’s what makes each one compelling and entirely different.
Sharrone Calafiore
Sharrone Calafiore
New York, Spojené státy americké
Masters at creating intensely romantic, edgy, cinematic-style wedding films. Wedding Films...with a touch of Edge
Sergey Andreev
Sergey Andreev
Moskva, Rusko
The videographers of our Studio possess all professional qualities, so You will feel comfortable and confident.
Dmitry Sedov
Dmitry Sedov
Řím, Itálie
Founder of SSV (videograph.ru), WEVA Administrator, videographer with 20 years of experience, the teacher.
PK video Films
PK video Films
Krakov, Polsko
We specialize in making wedding videos. For each pair there is another story, and we will try to tell her in this unique and unique way.
Dreamwood Cinematography
Dreamwood Cinematography
Minsk, Bělorusko
Dream Wood is the creative tandem of a young married couple, Mikhail and Lyudmila Nilov, who are in love with their work.


WEVA ItAward 2017 - Nejlepší color grader - Blackandlight Film Showreel
Videographer BLACKANDLIGHT FILM (Řím, Itálie)
WEVA ItAward 2017 - Nejlepší color grader - La Vie en Rose
Videographer Matteo Santoro (Řím, Itálie)
WEVA ItAward 2017 - Nejlepší color grader - Matteo&Mirko
Videographer Bernardo Migliaccio Spina (Řím, Itálie)